Regardless of material, our towels are made to last l long. A little TLC, however, goes a long way. Whether you prefer soft and thick towels or crispy and crunchy ones, here’s how you can take care of your towels and get them just the way you like them regardless of design and weight.


Wash your towels every 3-4 uses. We recommend that terry towels be washed in 60°C, Hotel terry towels in 40°C, and velour towels in 40°C without bleach.


Tumble dry your towels on low to medium heat. You could add wool dryer balls in the drying cycle to further fluff and soften your towels.


To get rid of product build-up that cause stiff towels, you can run the towels through a regular washing cycle twice. First with distilled white vinegar only and then with detergent and fabric softener.


The recommended dose on the detergent package is almost always too much. This results in product build-up which leaves you with scratchy towels. Use less of what is recommended on the package.