Lexington wants everyone to sleep well. That's why we have conducted a study about sleeping habits called “Lexington Company’s Sleep Barometer — Sleep Well. Live Well.” The study resulted in surprising findings that you can read below.

Three of the most interesting findings in our study are the ones below:

Sleep is most important

Sleep is most important to 8 out of 10 respondents' well-being, but, surprisingly, it's prioritized the least. That finding is in accordance with sleep coach and psychologist Helena Kubicek Boye’s observation.
In her book “Konsten att Sova,” which translates to “The art of sleeping,” Kubicek Boye noted that we’re sleeping less than we ever have. She wrote that, nowadays, other things in our lives take precedence over our sleep and that sometimes sleeping more is equated with weakness.

Socializing is prioritized over sleep

Although the participants, ages 25 to 74, were aware that sleep is important for their well-being, they actively choose to prioritize family, friends, work and exercise oversleep. Browsing social media was higher than sleep on the list of priorities. An interesting finding as a study suggests that those who prioritize sleep get more of it.

Screens are ruining our slumber

One in four spends more than an hour in bed doing other things than get their shut-eye. Surfing the internet is one of the top two activities people do in bed. That could be an indicator of why we’re sleeping less nowadays.
Kubicek Boye explains in her book that we shouldn’t use our computers, laptops, phones and TVs at least an hour before we go to bed. She wrote that the blue light emitted from these screens suppresses melatonin production, a hormone that makes us sleepy. This means it takes us longer to fall asleep and our sleep quality worsens.
In regards to the declining quality of sleep, Lexington Company founder and creative director, Kristina Lindhe, said Lexington Company wants to step away from what was ideal before — to work and socialize 24/7.
"Today’s ideal lifestyle is balanced and involves good sleep hygiene," she said. "It’s a lifestyle we aim to help everyone achieve."

Now that you've identified the culprit to your sleepless nights, learn more about sleep hygiene in one of our videos from the Sleep Series to Sleep Well and Live Well.