Christmas Dinner at van der Nootska palatset

A Photo Journey Through Our Magical Christmas Dinner Party at van der Nootskas

Last night’s first-ever Lexington Christmas dinner at the palatial van der Nootska palatset was a festive rendez-vouz of laughter and joy. From twinkling lights to merry faces, this new tradition was a magical way to usher in the festive season.  Scroll to unwrap the festive moments that made our Christmas dinner unforgettable.  

Frida Fahrman wearing Alison cardigan

Susanne Histrop wearing Remi Blazer

Niklas Berglind wearing Marty Sportscoat & Marvin Slacks

Emelie Bengtsson wearing Aurora Blouse & Mavis Skirt

Ellinor Löfgren wearing Freya Sweater