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Give your Mom a piece of New York

Though flowers, chocolates and clothing are great ways to appreciate mom, we think a box of chocolate with a side of adventure is even better. We're sure she would love to show off the sporty outfit her forever-baby bought her at the bed of a waterfall. Or why not take her down through memory lane? Interested? Then read on to ramp up your Mother’s Day game this year and give the mothers in your life a piece of New York — the Catskills.

The Catskills is a place where you won’t see the skyscrapers Carrie Bradshaw scurried between in her impossibly high designer heels or the diner Seinfeld frequented. The Central Park fountain four infamous friends jumped around in, you won’t find it in this magical place, well, you won’t even find it in Central Park because it’s just a prop. The Catskills is New York without the air that smells like your neighbors’ unwanted, overripe produce with a hint of car exhaust.

Home to the mother of festivals, Woodstock, the Catskills is where you find artistic inspiration. Painters, comedians and musicians have frequented resorts in the area to develop their skills. The high mountains (they look blue from a certain point on the Hudson), pine trees and twinkling stars in the Catskills beat any Manhattanhenge sighting or Central Park stroll. Below

Pedal along the woodland

One of the best ways to quickly get a sense of what the Catskills has in store for you is by pedaling rail bikes on the historic Ulster and Delaware Railroad that run across the Esopus Creek from village of Phoenicia. The rail bike tour which is offered by Rail Explorers is an opportune way to take in the wildlife, and the scenic woodland of the Catskills Mountain. The tour is 8 miles on pedal powered rail vehicles with seats for two or four and takes about two hours. The best part is that everyone on the rail bike doesn’t have to pedal, so if anyone in the group has leg or back issues the person can still join the fun and enjoy the scenic views.
Location: 70 Lower High St, Phoenicia, NY
From NYC: Rail Explorers is about 111 miles from the city. Take Interstate 87 north to exit 19, then Route 28 west for 22 miles and turn right onto Station Road.

Go chase waterfalls

If your hunger for nature isn’t satiated and you’re looking for a real workout, drive up to Palenville which is dubbed the “village of falling waters” in Washington Irving’s classic short story “Rip Van Winkle.” The town sits on the base of Kaaterskill Clove and offers many spectacular hikes. One that’s popular and will really make you break a sweat is the trail to the Kaaterskill Falls. Though taxing, the view in the finish line is worth it. The Kaaterskills Falls, a two-tiered waterfall, is New York State’s highest waterfall and has gained popularity through the Hudson River School paintings (the mid 19 th century American art movement.) Since it’s a popular trail, we recommend you get there early and take a dip in the cold water after your hike.
Location: NY-23A, Haines Falls, NY 12436, USA
From NYC: The trail is about 113 miles from the city. Take Interstate 87 north to exit 20, then Route 32 north for 8 miles, then Route 23A west for 4 miles. Turn right onto N Lake Road and turn right again onto Laurel House Road.

Go back to the 60’s

If the mother you’re celebrating is a hippie at heart or a culture/history buff, she’ll appreciate going down memory lane or shall we say memory halls. Decked out in peace signs, florescent prints and trippy paisley walls, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a performing arts center and museum located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. Permanent exhibits such as “The Sixties,” “Three Days of Peace” and “The Woodstock Festival” focus on issues and events that shaped the arts and society. Everything from the moon landing, the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King to the anti-war protests and the Beatles is present in the exhibition and transports visitors to the tumultuous yet pivotal moments in American history.
Beside the music and stories you’ll take home, you’ll flood your friends Instagram newsfeed with pictures of psychedelic prints and a photo of you and a beetle, an Instagram-worthy Volkswagen Beetle in every color of the rainbow.

Location: 200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY 12720, USA
From New York City: The museum is 90 miles from the city. Take Interstate 87 north to exit 16, then Route 17 west to exit 104, then Route 17B west for 10 miles. Turn right at the sign on Hurd Road.

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