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Ceiling Centerpiece

Plopping down a huge centerpiece on your table might seem like a sensible thing to do to make your home insta-ready, but think again. Since the table is were one of the most important gatherings happens, it's important to use the space wisely. You still want a beautiful tablescape, but not at the expense of your guests' comfort. You want Uncle John to communicate across the table without having to lean left and right just to get glimpse of Aunt Sarah's ear. So to keep your dining space instagram and banter friendly, hang your pièce de résistance.

Here's how to make our leafy chandelier.

You'll need:
An old lamp shade frame
Chicken wire mesh
Green floral wire and or green floral tape
Fishing line
Lots of vines, flowers etc. We used eucalyptus and fir branches.

Cover the lamp shade frame with the chicken wire and secure it with floral wire or tape. Hang the frame from the ceiling using multiple fishing lines to ensure a stable chandelier. Suspending it before adding the flowers and vines makes it easier to get a good overview of how the chandelier is coming together and where the empty spots are.
Working from the bottom up, thread vines or flowers through the net and secure with floral wire or tape. Remember to work with the curves of the vine to get a natural look. Repeat until the entire frame is covered. Trim excess branches to achieve the desired shape.

That’s it – your beautiful chandelier is complete!

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