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Make a Statement With Monochrome

Hollywood royalties, British royalties, Bollywood royalties and Instagram royalties, all seem to agree that the monochrome look is the sartorial choice of this season, and we get why. A tonal ‘fit is the simplest way to make a statement.

Throw out the color wheel, because you won’t need to coordinate analogous, triad or split-complimentary colors any more. There’s no need to lose precious minutes of sleep trying to match different colors and textures in the morning. Wake up pick a color and stick to it.

If you’re looking to flex your monochromatic styling muscles on your honeymoon or your cousin's barbecue party, here’s a guide to inspire your next on-trend ensemble.

Stand Out in Mustard Yellow

The uplifting color of the season, yellow, demands attention and lends a hint of confidence to its wearer. Which is probably why it’s a favorite on and off the runway. Add this hue to your outfit calendar this season to welcome sunnier days in a fashionable way.

Be Blue and Bold

Another easy monochrome look is blue on blue. Whether it’s a pair of blue jeans or a blue skirt, you’re bound to find blue in your closet already. All you need is a top to complete this bold look.

If a complete look in a single hue is too overwhelming, pick two of three analogous colors — we chose a true blue and a navy blue for this look — and add a third neutral color as an accent.

Layer White-on-white

Channel your inner Meghan Markle or Princess Diana with a white-on-white look. A popular, easy-to-copy, styling trick the Duchess of Sussex loves is incorporating a pop of color through her accessories for some drama. Another way to add some drama to your outfit is by varying the textures. That adds depth and dimension.

Show Your Stripes

Attention pattern bugs, this trend is for you too. With this suit hanging in your closet you could rest easy knowing that you’ve locked down your fashion-forward look for summer. When the sun decides to play hide-and-seek, the blazer will turn up the heat.

Sneak in Some Variety

If you’re not ready to fully commit to this look you can always add a print that matches your tonal ensemble.

Consider Co-ords

An effortless way to pull off the head-to-toe tonal look is by adding co-ords to your closet. In fact, co-ords seem to be the stylish sartorial answer to almost all situations. Traveling to your grams for a holiday? Shuffle from security check to your window seat on the plane in co-ords. Getting a late-night snack to binge watch Dirty John? Weave your way through slow cart pushers and to those bags of Skittles in co-ords. Picking up the kids from their soccer practice this Sunday? Drive that SUV wearing co-ords. You get the idea.

Slip into pure comfort with the Michael drawstring hoodie and Brandon jersey pants combo.

Slip into pure comfort with the Michael drawstring hoodie and Brandon jersey pants combo.

Mix Light and Dark Hues

This is probably the most you’ll ever exert your brain when styling a monochrome look. Wearing a lighter color on top and a brighter on the bottom is a creative take on this trend. This combo gives the illusion of a taller body and draws the attention away from the bottom half of your body and to the top half, if that’s what you want.

Play Up a Favorite Pattern

Love a pattern way too much to let it blend in with the rest of your outfit? Play it up keeping the rest of your look minimal.

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