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Sweden - peter.hedberg@lexingtoncompany.com

Norway - camilla.hansen@lexingtoncompany.com

Denmark - ch@wragency.dk

Finland - info@houseofseasons.fi

Italy - glr@almaluna.eu

France - isommet@boostinfrance.com

Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands - nathalie.van.meerbeek@skynet.be

United Kingdom - karl.lindhe@lexingtoncompany.com

China - Huqj2000@aliyun.com

Germany/Austria/Switzerland - Lindsay@lexingtoncompany.de

Spain - o.piorno@runesco.com

Taiwan - jackhwong168@gmail.com

Korea - cremodehome@gmail.com

Singapore - ka@scandicliving.net

Other Asian, Oceania- and North/South American markets: tommy.lindhe@lexingtoncompany.com

Other European- , African- and Middle Eastern Markets: kristofer.pettersson@lexingtoncompany.com

For other queries please contact: info@lexingtoncompany.com

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