What kind of sleeper are you?

Looking to seize some more shut-eye? Most people don’t know this, but a good bedding is the difference between a successful night of sleep and a not so successful one. Take this simple quiz to help you catch those elusive ZZZ’s.

1. How’s your internal thermostat?

A. I’m a bit of a climate chameleon—hot and cold moments are both in the forecast.

B. I run hot more often than cold, like a cozy day in the tropics.

C. I tend to be on the chilly side, seeking warmth like a cozy blanket in winter.

2. Pick your sleep fabric: breezy cotton, crisp poplin, or cozy flannel?

A. Cotton, the breath of bedtime.

B. Poplin, the cool kid’s choice.

C. Flannel, the cuddle commander.

3. Your ideal pillow is:

A. Fluffy and soft like a cloud.

B. Supportive and plush for a luxurious feel.

C. Cozy and molded to your liking.

4. Is your bed engaged in a hot-and-cold relationship?

A. Absolutely—it’s like my bed has a tumultuous romance with temperature extremes.

B. My bed’s relationship status? Just right—Goldilocks would approve.

C. My bed’s relationship is as balanced as a rom-com’s plot twists.

5. What’s your preferred bedtime attire?

A. PJs are my sleep armor—I need all the layers for my beauty sleep battles.

B. PJs? Who needs ’em? An old t-shirt will do.

C. I’m a sleep rebel—PJs on or off, it doesn’t matter.

6. Describe your dream sleep sanctuary aesthetic:

A. Bohemian chic with vibrant colors.

B. Minimalist elegance with clean lines.

C. Rustic charm and warm hues.

7. What’s your go-to bedtime snack?

A. Fresh fruit or a light smoothie.

B. A decadent piece of chocolate.

C. Something warm and comforting.

8. Choose your morning ritual:

A. Sunrise Yoga - stretching towards dreamy skies.

B. Artisanal Coffee - because your mornings are a masterpiece.

C. Blanket Burrito - coziness level expert.

9. Bedtime company - who’s the lucky guest?

A. Solo Sleeper – don’t like guests.

B. Snuggle Buddy - a partner or a pet to share the spotlight with.

C. Pillow Fort Builder - surrounded by a fortress of plush pillows.

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For each "A" response, give 1 point to persona B,

For each "B" response, give 1 point to persona C.

For each "C" response, give 1 point to persona A.

Mostly A


Ah, the eternal struggle between being hot or cold—quite the seasonal dilemma! Your bedding and pajamas should be as seasonal as your wardrobe!

Just as you swap out heavy winter winter coats for lighter jackets, your bed sheets need a seasonal transition too.

For the heat seekers, think breathable and airy—cue cotton, linen, and bamboo to keep you cool during those summer nights.

If you lean toward warmth, cozy
up with flannel bedding to beat the chill.

Now, let’s talk body temperature. As your body naturally cools when you hit the hay, investing in
the right bedding and pajamas is key for a faster

So, if you’re constantly chilly, snuggle up with our toasty flannel. If you run warm, our crisp poplin in breathable natural material has got you covered.

Seasonal sleep, sorted!

Mostly B


Sizzling much? If you’re turning your sleep space into a sauna with polyester-based pajamas and bedding, it’s time for an upgrade. Say goodbye to waking up feeling like you’ve taken a dip with breathable options like cotton and linen.

For the hot sleeper in you, poplin’s crisp and cool properties make it the go-to choose. Our Lexington Hotel Percale, with its high thread count, promises the silkiest and coolest slumber.

Opt for linen if you crave crispy, cool comfort—plus, it’s a sustainable choice. Blending cotton and linen gives you a softer surface for ultimate coziness. And for a refreshingly cooling sensation, TENCEL™ Lyocell is your eco-friendly, moisture-managing ally.

Seersucker’s signature puckered texture ensures your bedding or pajamas doesn’t cling, making it a breath of fresh air for hot nights.

Stay cool, sleep cooler!

Mostly C


Looks like you share a frosty connection with Elsa. It might be time to ditch the frosty vibes and cozy up with the right bedding and pajama.

If you’re constantly battling the cold, consider snuggling up with Pinpoint Oxford for its finer yarn and added warmth. Our brushed flannel sheets and pajamas are perfect for those who can’t shake off the chills, providing an extra soft and fuzzy finish without the itchiness.

For an edgy touch, try our denim bedding—durable,
soft, and aging beautifully, just like your favorite
pair of jeans. And if you’re a fan of that silky
feel, our cotton sateen bedding and pajamas are
lustrous, soft, and insulating, ensuring you stay
warm all night long.

Say goodbye to bone-chilling nights and hello to the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep.