Cool & Stylish
You got: You’re a pretty cool person who’d break a thermometer.

If you’re constantly cold you might be related to Elsa, or you might simply be using the wrong bedding and pajama combo. Experts say keeping cool is the best way to sleep all night long. But you seem to be getting a little too much of the good stuff something that can be remedied with the right bedding. Here are the fabrics you need to consider once you hit town (or the internet) to get your hands on your perfect match.

Pinpoint Oxford has finer yarn and is lighter than an oxford fabric. It’s warmer and heavier than a poplin fabric and becomes softer with every wash. This makes it perfect for someone who isn’t too hot or too cold at nights. It’s also perfect for someone who is looking for unique bedding because it is our contribution to the bedding industry.

Flannel sheets get their soft, fuzzy surface because the fabric is brushed. What makes our flannel beddings unique is that they’re made of a 100 percent cotton and both the fabric and the yarn are brushed. This gives our beddings an extra soft and fuzzy finish without being itchy. If you’re constantly cold this is for you.

Denim is a fabric normally associated with the jeans we wear rather than beddings. Unlike the denim used for our jeans, our denim bedding is created using thinner yarn. This makes it a durable, yet soft bedding perfect for an edgy bedroom. However, the denim bedding still has the same characteristics as the denim in your jeans — it ages beautifully.

With these beddings you’ll reach the perfect temperature for a good shut-eye. The same rule applies to your pajamas if you’re cold. Follow these simple rules, and we’re sure you’ll be sleeping like a baby.