Dive into the enchanting world of Lexington Company’s Summer 2024 Home Collection, where the sea’s allure and its mesmerizing gems come to life. A captivating homage to the whimsical wonders of the deep blue, this collection entices with its patterns and motifs inspired by rolling waves of the sea and iridescent shells.

Flirting with the idea of a Mediterranean retreat, the collection features colors like raw sienna and blue, hues reminiscent of the clear blue sky washed in gradient orange as the sun meets the horizon. These vibrant colors are elegantly paired with sand beige, evoking a sense of seaside calm.

Playfully embracing the concept of a Mediterranean getaway, the collection introduces a palette infused with shades like raw sienna and blue. These tones harken to the pristine blue sky blending into gradient orange as the sun kisses the horizon. This dynamic interplay of colors is tastefully combined with sandy beige, conjuring a serene coastal ambiance that soothes the senses.


Sweet dreams are made of consciously designed, one-of-a-kind bedding crafted to regulate your body temperature. Cool sleepers and hot sleepers can rest their heads comfortably in mesmerizing wave-printed or stripped bedding knowing each piece is made for their unique needs.

Savor the essence of beachside bliss in the comfort of your home. This season’s sea-themed, sustainably made pillows and blankets blur the line between outdoor and indoor by infusing refreshing beachy vibes into any lounging area.

Step into a realm of timeless maritime style with these transformative accents that will add the sea’s magic to every corner of the home.

Season this summer with flavors of the sea using our sustainably designed kitchenware. From seafood-inspired, whimsical organic towels to charming placemats and napkins, our vibrant collection brings spring magic to your dining experience. Let the rythm of the waves and vibrant colors ignite your imagination as you set a table that exudes the spirit of summer

Along with the seasonal colors of our Icons Orignal towel, we're bringing back our lush terry beach towels in popsicle colors, graphical velour towels and the breeziest sleepwear and softest robes to date. Bring the spa-like experience into your home.