The Recognitions & Awards

2019 — Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards - Årets sovrumsprodukt for Lexington Company’s brand Urban Collective

Urban Collective's collection in collaboration with Raul Magdaleno received Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award’s “Årets sovrumsprodukt,” which translates to Bedroom Product of the Year. The motivation read: "A completely sustainable collection with elements of both bamboo and recycled wool that feels contemporary in both design and manufacture."
Urban Collective is a brand under the Lexington Company umbrella and is targeted toward a younger audience living in the city.

2018 — Founders Alliance - Årets Förebildsentreprenör

Kristina Lindhe is awarded “Årets Förebildsentreprenör” by Founders Alliance, which translates to Model Entrepreneur of the Year. The motivation was: “With courage, determination and perseverance, Kristina Lindhe has built a successful international company that unites the American and Swedish lifestyle in a brand that is constantly evolving. Today, the company has sales of SEK 273 million, and with over 900 retailers in Europe, Asia and the USA, and its own online store that delivers products to 18 markets, the brand continues to inspire customers worldwide. Kristina also has a broad commitment to society and entrepreneurship in general through, among others, the Prince Daniel Fellowship and is a mentor in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in New York.”

2017 – Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards - Årets Tapeter for the Borås Tapeter and Lexington Company collaboration

For the collaboration between Borås Tapeter and Lexington Company, Borås Tapeter received Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award’s “Årets Tapeter,” which translates to Wallpapers of the Year. During the gala, which is held by Swedish interior magazine Elle Decoration, the award was presented with the motivation: "A successful collaboration where a strong brand in interior design and textiles has been translated into beautiful wallpapers."

2015 — Cottages and Gardens - NYC & G Innovation In Design Awards in the category Product Design

Lexington Company’s product “Printed Sateen Bed Set” was awarded an “Innovation in Design Awards” in the category Product Design. The IDAs honor the best design projects in the New York region, focusing on architecture, interior design, garden design, kitchen design, bath design, and product design. The awards are presented by American magazine New York Cottages & Gardens.

2014 — Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapet - Näringslivsmedaljen

Kristina Lindhe received the Swedish Royal Patriotic Society “Business Medal” from Princess Christina. The motivation was: “Kristina has in 17 years created and developed Lexington into a lifestyle brand well known in the Nordics, USA and China. The concept is consistently implemented and therefore clear.”
Established by King Gustav III of Sweden in 1772, the Society awards the Business Medal to 10 entrepreneurs annually for outstanding entrepreneurship.

2014 — Prins Daniel Fellowship

Kristina Lindhe was invited to be part of the Prince Daniel's Fellowship. The fellowship aims to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and to support ambitious young entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

By presenting good role models and engaging secondary school, college and university students in a dialogue, the goal is to make a long-term contribution to a culture that promotes entrepreneurship.

2013 — EY - EY Enterpreneur of the Year

Kristina Lindhe receives “EY Entrepreneur of the Year” award in Sweden. Formerly Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, it’s an award sponsored by Ernst & Young in recognition of entrepreneurship. Founded by EY, the award has recognized the endeavors of exceptional men and women who create the products and services that keep our worldwide economy moving forward. Since its inception in 1986, Entrepreneur of The Year has grown dramatically and now includes programs in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries worldwide.

2009 — Stockholms Handelskammare - Handelskammartidningens Världsklasspris

Lexington Company is awarded “Handelskammartidningens Världsklasspris,” which roughly translates to the Chamber of Commerce magazine’s World-Class Prize. The award is presented by Stockholm’s chamber of commerce magazine Handelskammartidningen. The award draws attention to companies in the Stockholm and Uppsala regions that stand out in particular from an international perspective. This can be a unique product, service, market position, sales or production method that deserves to be rewarded. With good growth, profitability and dynamism, world-class companies contribute to healthy development and profiling of the region.
The magazine is distributed to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce's member companies.

In 2014, Kristina was invited to be part of Prince Daniel's Fellowship initiative to inspire young entrepreneurs. Pictured here with the Prince, she has continued to inspire young entrepreneurs through the fellowship and though her other endevours, such as the Kristina Lindhe Mentoship initiative.
2009 — Retail Awards - Årets Komet

Lexington Company receives Retail Awards’ “Årets Komet,” which is awarded to the fast-growing company of the year. Retail Awards is Sweden's largest trade prize arranged by Svensk Handel and Dagens Handel to encourage innovation and quality in trade, to increase focus on trading companies and their suppliers and to highlight trade as a future industry.

2008 — EY - Årets Kvinnliga Stjärnskott

Kristina Lindhe is named EY’s ”Årets Kvinnliga Stjärnskott,” which translates to Female Rising Star of the Year. The award is sponsored by Ernst & Young.

2008 — Founders Alliance - Årets Entreprenör

Kristina Lindhe is named Founders Alliance’s “Årets Entreprenör,”which translates to Entrepreneur of the Year. The award is presented during Founders Alliance’s Entrepreneurship Gala. Founders Alliance is a Swedish network for entrepreneurs who want to meet entrepreneurs to exchange experience and knowledge with. Entrepreneurship Gala held in Stockholm.

2007 — Ruter Dam - Gunilla Arhéns Förebildspris

Kristina Lindhe is awarded “Gunilla Arhéns Förebildspris,” which roughly translates to Gunilla Arhén’s Role Model Award, by Ruter Dam. She is awarded the prize for her entrepreneurship, courage and innovation as well as her ability to gather a winning and profitable team. Ruter Dam is a Swedish leadership development and mentoring program for female leaders.

2007, 2008 and 2009 — Veckans Affärer - Årets Superföretag

Lexington Company was listed “Årets Superföretag,” which roughly translates to Super Company of the Year, three years in a row. The list is created by Sweden’s leading business magazine Veckans Affärer in collaboration with the analysis company Bisnode. It is a ranking of the most successful Swedish limited companies. The selection and ranking is based on the companies' financial performance over the past four years and is a combination of growth, profit, return, efficiency, capital structure and financing in comparison with all companies of similar size and operation.

2006 — Mec Awards - Årets Varumärkeskeeper

Lexington Company receives Mec Awards’ “Årets Varumärkeskeeper,” which roughly translates to Brand Keeper of the Year.

2006 — Elle Interiör - Elle Interiör Designpris i kategorin Sängar och Sängkläder

Lexington Company is awarded Elle Interiör magazine’s “Designpris,” a design award in the category beds and bedding.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2019 — Dagens Industri - Di Gasell
Lexington Company is appointed “DI Gasell” four years in a row and in 2019. Di Gasell is a prize that has been awarded annually by Sweden’s leading business newspaper Dagens Industri to Sweden's fastest-growing company since 2000.