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Kristina Lindhe's Kristina Lindhe's

Kristina Lindhe's

Brooklyn Guide

part 3 - eat and drink

Our CEO and Creative Director, Kristina Lindhe, shares her best Brooklyn tips.
"Coffee is an art in Williamsburg. And a trend. Not long ago, a waiter apologized to me at a restaurant for only serving different types of espresso, press coffee and American coffee, and not the new "drop coffee" - which can be compared to old-fashioned filter coffee. There are coffee bars everywhere, and most of them are good. At Starbucks (which now also serve beer and wine) you know what you get. Toby's Estate is the trendiest coffee place in Williamsburg, and a coffee on the bench, outside in the sun, is always lovely. I am also a regular at a coffee shop called The Bean, since it is located close to McCarren park where I spend a lot of time. They are super nice and the coffee is absolutely perfect".
"Close to McCarren Park, you'll find Brooklyn Brewery, where you can drink Brooklyn lager, but also have a tour of the brewery to see how to brew beer. If you are looking for something sweet, a visit to the chocolate factory Mast is recommended, which, apart from the fact that they produce divine chocolate, packs it in superbly beautiful and imaginative packages".
"There is a large range of restaurants in Williamsburg, and it's nearly impossible to list all the great places. Almost everything is good! Overall, I would say that the food is generally better in Williamsburg than on Manhattan. You actually avoid the worst tourist spots here since many who live in the area eat out a lot. A simple rule is therefore, if there’s a lot of people - it is most likely a great restaurant. Booking a table for weekends is a must, but popping up at 6 o'clock on a weekday for dinner is usually not a problem".
"Some of my favorites are Reynard's at Whyte Hotel for the food and ambiance, Meatball Shop for a good weekday dinner when you're hungry (also great for take away) and Café Colette for the cozy environment. When the evenings are warm, the garden at Aurora is unbeatable, and last but not least, check out Five Leaves too. I just love that place! That restaurant has its own story, since it was opened in memory of Heath Ledger, who bought the place but did not have time to open it before his death. His friends opened it in his honor, and according to me they have the best burger available. And do not miss to buy coffee from the hole in the wall after your dinner. Have fun guys"!

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The Meatball Shop is great for a weekday dinner.

The Meatball Shop is great for a weekday dinner.

You'll find inspiring interior wherever you go in Brooklyn.

You'll find inspiring interior wherever you go in Brooklyn.


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