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How to Make a

Fall Wreath

We love to make pretty things that highlight the season, Fall is not an exception. As the colors turn into hues of red, orange and brown, embrace the change and decorate your house and yard in the colors of fall. One of our favorite fall decorations is the maple leaf wreath to hang on our front door. Here's how to make one:

  • Make a basic frame from grapevine or a coat hanger.
  • Lay wreath frame on table.
  • Place a few stems of leaves together and trim, leaving about 3-5 inches of bare stem.
  • Lay stems on frame and wrap wire around stems and frame as you work clockwise around.
  • Overlap bunches by 2 to 3 inches or until the right thickness is achieved. Tighten firmly.
  • Hang on your door.

Invite fall into your home:

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