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Baby Spinach & Mozzarella Mini Pizzas Recipe

Having people over? Our advise is to always keep it simple. That's why failproof, two-topping mini pizzas that taste divine are on our go-to list of appetizers for any kind of dinner party. Arrange these baby spinach and mozzarella mini pizzas on your appetizer table, and you'll find yourself with plenty of time to mentally and physically prepare before your guests arrive. You might even be promising guests the recipe by the end of the night.

Olive oil
All-purpose flour
1/2 pound homemade or store-bought pizza dough, divided equally into 6 balls.
Salt and pepper
1 cup shredded mozzarella (4 ounces)
1 handful of Baby spinach leaves

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius).
2. Brush 6 standard muffin cups with oil.
3. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out each dough piece to a 6-inch round.
4. Fill each cup with 1 round, gently pressing dough into bottom and sides of cup. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Add baby spinach, mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper to each dough.
6. Bake until dough is golden brown and crisp, 12 minutes. Let cool 2 minutes before removing from cups.


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