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Denim-on-Denim Looks

It might have been a fashion faux pas once, but this getup has now multiple stylish followers. The reason celebrities and street style stars appreciate this look is because it's simple, versatile and polarizing. Demand attention with these quick and simple style tricks and allow the most hard-working wardrobe staple to do the most at your next outing.

Hold off on the all-blue denim
Committing to the same wash and weight can be daunting for a beginner. So, hold off on the double-blues and delve into the world of lighter shades of denim. Whites and pinks can make for fresh and timeless ensembles that will turn heads.
Play with proportions
For a fresher look pair a tailored bottom with an oversized top or jacket. This look is more modern than pairing fitted pieces together.
Go for sets
Make it easy on yourself by choosing a set. Coordinating sets can either be matched for a chic all-jean look or worn separately for a laid-back aesthetic. Dress up your set with dressy shoes or be more low-key with a pair of sneakers.

Don’t overdo it
An all-denim look doesn’t mean all-denim. Skip the denim shoes, throw away the jean bags and dump the denim accessories.

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