Celebrating Our First 25 Years

25 years with Lexington Company

On June 15, 2022 we celebrated 25 years of exquisite craftsmanship together with Lexington Company's friends and family.

In case you missed it, we're turning 25 this fall, and we decided to do what we do best — gather friends and family for a night of great food and dance. The swanky event was held in the majestic Erik Erikssonhallen, a former church on the islet of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm, Sweden. Located on a hilltop on the islet, guests could enjoy the beautiful view of the Royal Palace and the innermost part of Saltsjön (a bay of the Baltic Sea). It was a night to be remembered.

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Celebrities, models, media people, influencers and all our friends and family were welcomed with bubbles and could mingle in a beautifully set lounge area. The lounging area was decorated with our premium products to allow guests to mingle in comfort and style.

Shutterbugs walked our blue carpet with friends to eternalize this beautiful night. Among those who walked the blue carpet was actress Alicia Agneson. She is starring the Netflix drama series Clark, a show about the incredible story behind Sweden's most notorious gangster, Clark Olofsson, whose infamous heist gave rise to the term "Stockholm Syndrome."

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Pictured above from left to right: Influencer Isolina Fedel and friend; Andrea Brodin and husband Cedric Notz; model and entrepreneur Roger Dupe and editor Jenny Fredriksson; journalist Soraya Lavasani and husband Ralph Olsson; actress Alicia Agneson; journalist Nina Campioni and influencer Susanne Histrup; artist Pernilla Wahlgren and partner Christian Bauer, Anitha Clemence and partner Joel Åhlén Nyström; actress Christina Schollin Wahlgren and friend.

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Pictured above from left to right: TV-host Jesicca Almenäs and husband Patrik Fahlgren; Wilma Lidén and friend, sports reporter and TV-host Peter Jihde with wife Karin Widengren; TV-host Titti Schultz and partner Erik Nääs; editor Jonna Bergh and partner Patric Nadalutti; journalist Jenny Alversjö and partner Anders Bernunger; TV-hosts and partners Henrik Alsterdal and Anders Pihlblad; designer Camilla Thurin and friend; fashion entrepreneur Mika Kjellberg, fashion publicist Rossana Mariano and fashion editor Lisa Lindqwister; DJ Tuvacation

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“I feel overwhelmed and humbled to be surrounded by so many talented and devoted employees, partners and friends” founder of Lexington Company, Kristina Lindhe says of the night.

The night was moderated by TV host Kristin Kaspersen who shared the stage with Kristina and Tommy Lindhe, Kristina's husband, business partner and Lexington Company's COO. Stories were shared and our future looked brighter than ever as they envisioned the next 25 years.

A three-course meal, inspired by our love for the sea, was served between the stories, videos and slide shows. The guests enjoyed their meal to Donell Jones' music and various R&B songs DJ Tuvacation was spinning. The menu consisted of: New England Meets Swedish Skagen for the starter, Grilled Char for the main, and our Beach on a Plate for dessert.

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The band Blacknuss gave an energetic performance that was contagious.

After the meal, the floor was full of happy feet. Guests danced into the wee hours, grabbed their goodie bags and headed home.

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