Our Care Guide - Leather Accessories

Created with attention to detail and with premium leather, these products are made to last and love. And just like everything we love in life, these babies need to be showered in care and attention too. Here are the dos and don’ts of caring for your new investment.

What happens to leather
Before we dive into the protection part of this post, it’s important to understand what happens to leather once it’s produced. Leather starts losing moisture and oil after production which makes your product dry up and shrink. This means that the leather fibers could break rather than stretch. The more you use your leather product, the faster it will happen. That’s why adding moisture to your bag or wallet is key.
Prevention and protection
• To prevent the leather from drying, rub your favorite leather product with protection cream/treatment before you start using it.
• Moisturize your leather item at least once every two or three months to avoid scratches and to keep the leather from shrinking.
• Keep bags stuffed when not in use to prevent it from losing its shape.
• Keep your bag from ageing quickly due to dust by storing it in a dust bag. If you’ve discarded your dust bag, keep your bag covered with an old t-shirt or a pillowcase.
• Store your bag away from sunlight and damp areas to prevent damage to leather and color.
• Use the right product on the right material. Suede products need a different cleaning/protection product than leather items.
• Before using any product on your leather item, spot test them about 24 hours before. That way you’ll know if the product is safe to use.
• Waterproof areas on your bag that are exposed to the elements after you’ve rubbed it in with moisturizing products.
• Wipe down your leather product (wipe with the grain of the leather) with damp, soapy cloth every week.
• Take your leather product to a specialist for cleaning every two months.
• Use professional leather cleaner on tough dirt.
• Treat ink stains right away with ink remover for leather. If it’s a tougher or older stain go to a professional.
• If the bag has a smell, insert an open container baking powder in the bag and leave for 24 hours. The baking powder will absorb most nasty odors.
• If you get grease on your bag, just wipe it off.
The Don’ts
• Using vinegar, baby wipes, detergents or home-made concoction to clean your bag is a sure way of striping the moisture out of the leather.
• Keep hand creams and perfumes away. Don’t hold your bag right after you’ve applied your moisturizer and don’t spray perfume on your bag.
• To avoid the transfer of color from your clothes on to your bag, don’t wear light colored handbags with dark clothes.
• Don’t hang your leather bag over doorknobs or on hangers as this will damage the handle and misshape the bag.
Following these tips will help you keep your products in tip-top shape for years, so that you can enjoy them and pass them on to the next generation with love when the time is right.

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