We're back home in upstate New York, where the landscape transforms into a tapestry of gold and red. Amidst this picturesque scene lies our canvas for the unveiling of our Fall '23 Home Collection—a collection that captures the very essence of this enchanting season. Set against this backdrop, the FW '23 Fashion Collection paints a stroke in the masterpiece of your wardrobe. Explore the harmony of tradition and trend with the collections that'll weave magic into your world.

As autumn deepens its embrace, the collections mirror the changing leaves that welcome us home from sun-soaked escapes. From classic beige to the allure of bold black, our FW ’23 Fashion Collection effortlessly adapts to every mood and occasion, promising a season of renewal and style exploration.

Within the tapestry of trends, corduroy emerges as a tactile trendsetter, gracing both men's and women's pieces with an air of sophistication. Meanwhile, knits, the cozy heart of the season, cocoon you in comfort, providing warmth and style in equal measure. Blazers paired with pants create a polished yet inviting ensemble for women seeking the balance between elegance and effortlessness.

Transitioning into autumn chic, our knitwear sets and dresses seamlessly complement this season's outerwear, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and trend. These never-out-of-style jackets and coats become your sartorial companions on a downtown stroll or during the morning commute.

And don't think for a moment that the festive spirit is lost! Our fashion collection introduces a fresh take on Christmas sweaters, ensuring you're stylishly prepared for holiday dinner at grandma’s or hot cocoa in the mountains.

Experience the magic of the season with Lexington's Fashion Fall/Winter '23 Collection, where every piece paints a stroke in the masterpiece of your fall and winter wardrobe.