We're back home in upstate New York, where the landscape transforms into a tapestry of gold and red, the tranquil Hudson River meanders gently between the Catskills and Hudson, gracing each side with its serene presence. Amidst this picturesque scene lies our canvas for the unveiling of the Fall '23 Collection—a collection that captures the essence of this enchanting season.

In a house nestled among the majestic trees and lush meadows of upstate New York, resides Martina Arfwidson and her family. Martina, the visionary behind FACE Stockholm, a renowned cosmetics and skincare brand, calls this haven home. But don't be deceived by the serene exterior. A vibrant energy pulses within these walls and it's matched only by the river's flow. This very abode couldn't be more perfect to showcase the Fall '23 Collection.

Imagine flannel sheets that embrace you like a warm hug, cozy throws that beckon you to unwind, and cushions in soft and inviting textures that invite lingering moments of comfort. Our signature print graces the finest sateen bed linens and is beautifully woven into a soft woolen throw. Colors ranging from the deep embrace of brown and gray to the gentle caress of dove blue, mustard yellow, and soft green create an inviting palette for your home.

Bringing these elements together, the fall table settings become a canvas of beauty. Choose between two styles: one adorned with lighter beige hues accented by dark stitching and stripes, and the other exuding elegance with dark gray tones enriched by brown details. This captivating collection comprises kitchen towels, aprons, candlesticks, napkin rings, scented candles, and serving cutlery.

And as you venture into restful nights, our sleepwear line beckons with cozy pajamas and robes designed for both men and women—perfect for embracing the serene moments of fall. Join us as we step into autumn's enchantment, and let our collection weave its magic into every corner of your home.