Looking for a different shopping experience? Then take a virtual step into our flagship store. Here, you’re allowed to lose yourself in the luxurious flagship store experience without the constraints of opening hours — all from the comfort of your home. Explore every nook and cranny, control the screens on the wall and shop our entire collection. Follow the instructions below to enter our world.

Press play to explore the 3D space.
Click on the little arrow in the left corner to open highlights.
Click on the thumbnail that says “Welcome” to enter the store.
To move around the store, click on the image in the direction you want to navigate.
To look around, click and drag in the direction you want to adjust your line of sight.
To buy a product or for more information about a product, click on the blue targets.
To get an overview of the store, go to either the “Dollhouse” view, the “Floor plan” view, or the “Store Overview” thumbnail.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to our dream.