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Thoughts on Sleep

In anticipation of World Sleep Day, Lexington Company's founder, CEO and creative director, Kristina Lindhe, shares her thoughts on sleep and why our “Sleep Well. Live Well.” initiative means so much to us. Read her note below.

Do you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? So, we sleep away 30 percent of our lives. When you think about this interesting tidbit, it's easy to understand that sleep is vital.

In a time marked by the pandemic, everyday life may not always be what we have been used to. We’re working from home and sitting in many digital meetings. The boundary between work and private life may be blurred more now than ever for many of us. So, our health and how we feel become even more crucial now.

Many of us are thinking more about how we feel. Some of us might even have more time now to think about how we sleep. But despite the increased health awareness, we tend to focus more on exercise and diet, forgetting the effect sleep has on our well-being. Or, maybe it's that we become aware of the importance of sleep only when we cannot sleep. Either way, when we do start thinking about our sleep, we start noticing the different sleep thieves.

““Why not treat yourself to the best bedding when you spend much of your life sleeping.”

— Kristina on the beginning of Lexington's 20+ year journey

Kristina in 2020 making her bed in last fall's flannel bedding.

Kristina in 2020 making her bed in last fall's flannel bedding.

Stressful days at work, spinning thoughts, children who wake up sad in the middle of the night. There are a lot of reasons why we cannot sleep. But whatever the sleep disruptors may be there are a few things you can do to help you fall back to sleep easily.

I have always had problems sleeping. My brain spins at night and my thoughts pop up like bingo balls, one by one. What have I learned from my sleepless nights? How do I sleep well? I've learned that it's important to me not to work too late. I must have a moment for myself to unwind, do nothing and calm down. My bedroom must be cool, dark and quiet. I use blindfolds and earplugs sometimes when necessary. I do my best all the time not to have my phone by my bedside. Instead, I have a notepad and a pen there to write down my nightly thoughts, so I don't have to worry about forgetting them in the morning.

The bed linen is very important to me too. I cannot sleep in uncomfortable sheets. I absolutely cannot sleep on bedsheets of poor quality. If it is very cold in the winter, I like to sleep in flannel sheets. And when it's warm, I want to sleep in poplin sheets because they're crispy, cool and feel like being wrapped in a lovely shirt.

Speaking of sheets, did you know that some of our bed linens are made of shirt fabrics? We were inspired by high-quality shirts that fit well and wanted to achieve that high-quality feeling for our bed linens. We thought: “Why not treat yourself to the best bedding when you spend much of your life sleeping.” The quest for high-quality bedding and, in turn, sleep was the beginning of our 20+ year journey.

So for us, Lexington's initiative “Sleep Well. Live Well” is important. Maybe more important than you think.