Master The Sustainable Wardrobe


Are you ready to transform your wardrobe into an eco-friendly oasis of sustainable style? Creating a sustainable closet is a great way to do your part for the environment—and it doesn't have to break the bank, either! Re-vamp your closet with these easy and creative tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe that’s both chic and ethically sound.

— Read on and say hello to your new sustainable closet! —

1. Choose items created the Lexington way 
From organic cotton to timeless classic looks that will pass the 30-wear test, we help you turn things you need into items you'll love forever. 
By avoiding cheap labor and choosing ethical practices, and transportation methods, we work hard to minimize our environmental footprint. Not only will investing in classics made the Lexington way keep your old sweater from ending up on a landfill, it will also help stretch your dollars.


2. Take good care or repair
The temperature on the label isn’t the recommended washing temperature, it’s the maximum washing temperature. Keep your clothes looking fresh and new for longer by washing them at a cool 30°C (90°F). Not only is this better for the environment, it’ll also extend the life of your clothes.

But however careful you may be with your laundry, sometimes life happens. Clothes get torn and they get stained. Before throwing out that shirt that has seen better days, consider doing some DIY repair work or try upcycling the piece into something new. You’d be surprised at how much life you can get out of a garment with a little bit of love and attention.

3. Invest in trans-seasonal pieces
Spend the bulk of your money on pieces that will see you through more than one season like our outerwear and shirts.

4. Pay it forward
When you’re ready to part with the treasures in your closet, consider donating them or selling them. Join a swap group online, sell them to thrift stores, donate to your local charity or have your friends over and let them hunt for gems in your closet. By re-homing your favorites, you'll keep them from filling up landfills, and you'll be spreading the joy they once brought you.

5. Wear it the wrong way
Fashion is all about creativity and one way you can maximize the life of your clothes is by using them in unexpected ways. Got an old scarf? Tie it into a top or a small bag. Tired of your old shirt? Flip it and reverse it. The back-to-front style is something even the Duchesse of Cambridge has done. And guess where else this trend of styling things the wrong way is popular? Tiktok!