Sleep Well. Live Well. Sleep Well. Live Well.

Sleep Well. Live Well.

A Webinar For The Sleep-Deprived Family

Tired of being awakened at night, by crying babies and your toddler's foot in your face? Does your child refuse to sleep by bedtime? We've got the tips and tricks to help you deal with sleep disorders affecting you and your children right here.

In this webinar hosted for Lexington Friends by our CEO Kristina Lindhe, we spoke to sleep experts Liv Svirsky, and Kristoffer Bothelius authors of "Godnatt! Om små och stora barns sömn” (which translates to Good night! On small and big children’s sleep). They're both licensed psychologists with extensive experience in working with sleep disorders. Liv is also a specialist in the field of clinical psychology and has worked with children and young adults affected by sleep disorders. Besides holding a Ph.D., in psychology, Kristoffer is also a psychotherapist who researches sleep and sleep disorders.

Watch this interesting webinar and find out interesting facts about sleep that'll change your perspective on and approach to sleep.

Read an edited, English version of this interview here.