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Sale: Further Markdowns 50% off selected items

Sometimes, the best ideas come when we close our eyes. So, we did. We felt a breeze in our hair and heard the waves crash and tumble to the shore. The ocean sparkled as the sun hit its surface and a smile spread on our faces. As the sun rays warmed our skin, the refreshingly salty ocean mist fell on it and cooled it off. The sand tickled our toes, but the beach and ocean tickled our souls. This is our happy place — and we’re in it.
Our favorite place is not luxurious in a traditional way. It is, however, a place teeming with exotic rich-colored fruit. A place where we catch our breath and one that offers comfort. Because isn´t the ultimate luxury to wake up and have no plans at all? To just be for a little while?
This is where our hearts felt at ease and where the summer collection was born.
So, we captured these moments and eternalized them with a long-lasting collection to prolong the luxury of a summer day. We celebrate summer with vibrant colors, and a strong print — all in perfectly soft fabrics made to last.
Because at the end of the day, all you need to worry about is keeping your feet sandy, your hair messy and your heart full of joy!

From our happy place to yours,

Longing to further immerse yourself in our world? Check out our Summer 2020 Home Folder here.


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