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Picture Perfect Moments

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating that one true love. But despite having someone who makes you whole, — FYI reading party included — you’re without plans. Is procrastination your middle name, or is the lack of plans on February 14 simply a case of anxiety? Either way, we’re here to remind you that Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts and restaurant visits. It’s an opportunity to show that a normal day can be everything but normal with simple actions. So here are four normal dates that will turn into memorable moments.

For the one who loves culture
You’re familiar with Rembrandt and Monet. But when your significant other mentions Artemisia Gentileschi’s mastery of light, you ask “Is that the Australian blond rapper?” It’s ok (or is it?) not to know who the most boss painter of the 17th century is. However, you can make a lovely gesture by proving your willingness to learn about your partner’s passion by going to galleries and exploring art with your partner. It’s cheap, educational and most importantly romantic.

For the one with a plus one minus one
Who’s the one person there for you through thick and thin? You! And that’s a commitment worth toasting to. But since we’re all about bettering ourselves, a drink at the bar won’t do. Pick up a cocktail book, some shakers and gather your like-minded single friends. Because Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to learn how to make the fancy drinks you’ve always wanted to.

For the one who’s always challenging you
What better day than Valentine’s Day to get physical? Take your partner to a boxing class to make up for breaking your promise of tagging along to the gym. You might end up with a broken nose but never a broken heart. Study shows that the levels of satisfaction with a relationship increases when couples share fitness challenges. So, sweat together and stay together.
For the one who’s always working
Is your boo the type who’s answering emails and working on presentations until the wee hours of the night? You may not be able to do your partner’s job, but you can make his/her day easier. Order a cab in the morning so your love can sleep in and avoid being crushed between towering, sometimes smelly, strangers in public transit. After work, prepare his/her favorite dinner and serve it while a playlist of your SO’s favorite tunes plays in the background. Round off the night with a movie or two. Because simple is enough.

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