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Lexington Sleep Series Lexington Sleep Series

Lexington Sleep Series

Beauty Sleep

At Lexington Company, the bedroom has always been important to us and naturally sleep as well. As sleep expert Helena Kubicek Boye noted in her book “Konsten att sova,” we’re sleeping less and spending more time working or socializing. That’s something we would like to change with this series starring our CEO and Creative Director, Kristina Lindhe.

In “Beauty Sleep” our CEO and Creative Director, Kristina Lindhe, guides us in the art of making a bed. A welcoming bed is a great launching pad to dreamland and Kristina Lindhe knows how to do it best. Here, you’ll discover that it’s all in the smallest of details. Remember, it was a pea under the mattress that disrupted the princess’ sleep.

If you want to be part of this change, follow us on our social media accounts and share your tips with other sleepless souls in the comment section. And if you're curious about our sleeping habits, check out our sleep study.

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