An Easy Shirt Guide

Regardless of style preference or sex, we can all agree that a staple to a versatile closet is a good shirt. But finding the shirt that does what it’s supposed to is easier said than done. There is a plethora of terms used to describe and name shirts, and understanding the different terms is crucial to finding the versatile shirt that will outlast all trends. That’s why we’ve curated this list of terms to guide you in your journey to the perfect shirt for work and play. Read on and save your future self from spending hours in front of your closet.

A button-up shirt is basically any shirt that has buttons running up the front.

A button-down shirt is like the button-up shirt, but the ends of the collar are fastened with buttons. The buttons on the collar keep the collar from flapping up in the wind.

Classic fit is a relaxed and comfortable fit. It’s not too slim and not too loose; it’s just right.

Casual fit is relaxed and has a loose fit. If you’d prefer a slimmer look, we suggest you get a smaller size than you’d normally wear.

Slim fit is a narrow fit that is close to your body. If you wish to have a less slim garment, we recommend that you go up a size.

Oversize fit is a a loose fit with a more casual feeling. If you prefer it less voluminous look, get a smaller size than you'd normally get.

Oxford, which is woven in a basket weave, is known for its durability. Shirts in this construction are warmer than poplin because they are denser. The heavier and textured shirt is the most versatile shirt. It can be styled in different ways and is suitable for multiple occasions

Our oxford stretch shirt is like our regular oxford shirt, but with some elastane.

Oxford light has finer yarn and is lighter than an oxford fabric. It’s warmer and heavier than a poplin fabric and becomes softer with every wash.

An oxford shirt with a pair of chinos is equally smart for work as it is for beer night with the boys. You can also wear the shirt with a tie and blazer if you like to be more formal. Either way, the shirt is one of the most versatile one you'll ever own.

For women, an oxford shirt paired with a pencil skirt is the perfect work attire. Undo a few top buttons and you're ready for a night out with the girls.


Lyocell, a semi-synthetic fabric, is made from eucalyptus trees, bamboo, oak or birch trees. Gentle on the skin, this fabric has a silk-like drape that adds elegance to any outfit. Lyocell is considered a sustainable choice since it doesn't require a lot of irrigation or any pesticides. Shirts made in this fabric offer superior moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable all season long. Its strength and elasticity make it a great long-lasting option.

Viscose Lyocell blend is constructed in man-made fibers composed of plants which makes them water absorbent and breathable. These non-synthetic materials drape beautifully, and the sheen gives printed garments an exclusive feel. The best part about this blend is that it’s easy to care for and it doesn’t wrinkle much. The construction of our viscose lyocell blend is a twill weave.


Poplin is a smooth fabric that’s finer and lighter than an oxford fabric. The resulting fabric has a smoother texture and offers increased softness and a better drape. Poplin is easy to wash, dry and iron, and it doesn’t wrinkle. This shirt’s crisp and cool properties make it ideal for the sweaty person. Constructed in a plain weave, a poplin shirt gives a smart, polished look which is why it’s mostly used in formal affairs, at work and during special occasions. If you’re a master in layering poplin is the shirt for you.

Sateen is a fabric made with a filling-face satin weave. The difference between satin and sateen is that sateen can only be made from cotton, whereas satin can be made with any fiber (typically silk). Our cotton-sateen is lustrous and soft because of the weave and doesn’t pill. Although sateen is light, it's insulating and traps heat because it drapes close to your body. That's why we suggest a cotton sateen shirt be worn on cool evenings. The brilliance of this shiny fabric will make you stand out at any late-night event.

Chambray is like poplin in the way it’s made, but heavier. The difference is that it has a melange effect due to the white weft and colored warp yarn used in the weaving process. Because of its simple weave, it can be woven finer than denim. A shirt in chambray is perfect for a Sunday stroll in the park.

Twill, which refers to the structure of the fabric, has a distinctive diagonal weave or texture. A twill is made by weaving each warp and weft thread over and under two vertical threads to create its typical diagonal pattern. It’s softer and thicker than poplin and is resistant to creases. Shirts in twill drape well and are easy to iron. However, that makes them less crispy and cool than poplin shirts.

Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s crispy, cool and comfortable while being a durable and sustainable choice. The structure of the fabric allows for more airflow which means the shirt won’t cling to a hot and sweaty body. That’s why linen shirts are perfect for hot summer days and beachside vacations.