The Ultimate Bedding Guide

Thread counts, linen, cotton, Egyptian cotton, sateen, satin… it’s easy to get lost in the sea of beddings out there. It’s also easy to get duped into buying bed sheets that don’t work for you. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you navigate toward your best purchase and sleep yet.

Before you hit the sack, you need to consider the season, the temperature in your bedroom, and your own body temperature at night. These factors play a huge role in whether your new sheets help you be out for the count. The thread count, however, not so much.


Just like we need clothes in lighter fabrics in the summer, we need lighter bed sheets for summertime. But not any light fabric will do. The consensus is that breathable natural material — cotton, linen, bamboo — will keep you cooler at night. While wool and synthetic material will keep you warm.


Besides season, you should factor in your body temperature. Our body temperatures drop when we’re sleepy, so by keeping cool we fall asleep faster. The easiest way to keep cool is by investing in good bedding and pajamas. If you’re always chilly our flannel bedding will keep you warm. But if you’re warm, consider fabrics in breathable natural material such as our popular crisp poplin.

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Once you know what season you’re shopping for and whether you’re hot or not, it’s time to decide on a fabric. Below are some materials to consider when shopping for bedding.

Pinpoint Oxford has finer yarn and is lighter than oxford fabric. It’s warmer and heavier than a poplin fabric and becomes softer with every wash. This makes it perfect for someone who isn’t too hot or too cold at night. It’s also perfect for someone who is looking for unique bedding because it is our contribution to the bedding industry.

Poplin is a smooth fabric that’s finer and lighter than an oxford and pinpoint oxford fabric. It’s easy to wash, dry and iron, and it doesn’t wrinkle. Poplin is a popular fabric for formal and finer shirts worn to work and special occasions. This bedding’s crisp and cool properties make it ideal for the sweaty sleeper.

Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s crispy, cool and comfortable while being a durable and sustainable choice. Beddings or clothes made from this fabric can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp. We usually blend both cotton and linen to get a softer and smoother surface for your comfort.

Chambray is similar to poplin in the way it’s made. The difference is that it has a melange effect due to the white weft and colored warp yarn used in weaving it.

Percale is a medium-weight, tightly woven fabric with a matte finish. It’s crispy and cool and breathes just fine despite its high thread count. That’s because the yarn used in creating it is thin. We use percale in our American sheets and our fitted sheets. The quality is excellent for sheets because it is easy to wash, dry and care for as it has very high durability.

Egyptian cotton is also cool and crispy, but with a smoother and finer finish than the abovementioned. The longer fibers create a fine, soft and stronger cotton compared to other types of cotton. This gives the product its famed soft and exclusive feel.

Sateen is a fabric made with a filling-face satin weave. The difference between satin and sateen is that sateen can only be made from cotton, whereas satin can be made with any fiber (typically silk). Our cotton-sateen is lustrous and soft because of the weave and doesn’t pill. Although sateen is light, it tends to be insulating and trap heat because it drapes to your body.

Flannel sheets get their soft, fuzzy surface because the fabric is brushed. What makes our flannel beddings unique is that they’re made of 100 percent cotton and both the cloth and the yarn are brushed. The weave is actually brushed on both sides. This gives our linens an extra soft and fuzzy finish without being itchy. If you’re always cold this is for you.

Cotton-cashmere flannel combines the luxury of cashmere with the lightweight breathability of cotton and the coziness of flannel. We blend just the right amount of cotton and cashmere to enhance the unbelievable softness of our flannel. The skillfully handcrafted cashmere wool is combed from Cashmere goats in the molting season and spun by hand. The cashmere is then weaved together with our cotton yarn. The soft, fuzzy surface comes from brushing the weave on both sides. But the secret to the unbelievable softness is...(prepare to be amazed) the soft cotton yarn that is also brushed! This little secret is what sets our long-lasting cotton-cashmere flannel bedding apart from other flannel bedding.

Denim is a fabric generally associated with the jeans we wear rather than bedding. Unlike the denim used for our jeans, our denim bedding is created using thinner yarn. This makes it a durable yet soft bedding perfect for an edgy bedroom. However, the denim bedding still has the same characteristics as the denim in your jeans — it ages beautifully.

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers naturally manage the transportation of moisture, enhancing fabrics by keeping your skin feeling pleasantly comfortable. Composed of natural material, the microscopic fibrils of lyocell cellulosic fibers are structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture. This contributes to breathable fabrics that support the body's natural temperature-regulating properties, creating a refreshingly cooling sensation on your skin. The fiber is also an environmentally-friendly yarn manufactured in a closed-loop system. The chemicals used in creating the man-made yarn are recycled and kinder to the environment. By using TENCEL™ Lyocell, we know that the material used, Eucalyptus in our case, is certified and that all raw material comes from forests that are not endangered. TENCEL™ Lyocell

Seersucker is a weaving technique where the yarns are woven at different tensions. This creates the signature puckered texture. Because of this, the fabric doesn't lie close to the skin giving it its famous breathable and cooling properties.

Now that you’re equipped with the essentials, you’re all set for a night of blissful sleep. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedding bite!

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