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part 2 - shopping

"Shopping is getting better and better in Brooklyn, as interesting stores constantly pop up. As the store premises in SoHo get emptier, Williamsburg is flourishing. It's not without reason that the new nickname for Williamsburg, The New SoHo, is picking up".
"One of the most beautiful food stores to visit is Whole Foods, which is actually a chain but relatively new on Bedford Avenue. Everything looks tempting: The vegetable stands, the packaging, and all the organic and fair trade food. If you also enjoy cooking, don't miss Whisk across the street, a great store filled with all the attributes you need in a kitchen. They carry everything from kitchen utensils to machines".
"In Williamsburg there's also a couple of larger retailers represented, such as Urban Outfitters, J.Crew and Madewell. Common for all of them is that their stores are more inspiring here than elsewhere, and the range is carefully selected to fit the trend sensitive Brooklyn area. The iconic shoe brand Vans just opened in Williamsburg, and Lululemon – everyone’s favorite workout clothes – has opened a store on N 6th Street".
"More unique than the chains is Brooklyn Denim, which offers jeans and denim from all imaginable brands. But if you are more interested in furniture, I recommend a visit to the store Organic Modernism. Do not miss the chair wall at the back of the store"!
"Vintage shopping is fun in Williamsburg, as there's pretty much a vintage store in every corner. But keep in mind, all stores are not as great, and not as tidy and clean - why a visit to the classic vintage shops may be the better choice. Such as Beacon Closet, which might sound familiar? I can also recommend Stella Dallas, and Stella Dallas Living. In here, everything is sorted and exposed by color and themes. This gives you a great overview which makes it easier if you know what you are looking for".

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Don't miss the store Whisk if you love to cook.

Don't miss the store Whisk if you love to cook.

Brooklyn has got a lot of interesting and unique shops.

Brooklyn has got a lot of interesting and unique shops.