Quick-fire Questions with Kristina Lindhe

Kristina Lindhe Mentorship

In preparation for the Kristina Lindhe Mentorship initiative, we sat down with the jury members to pick their brains. As we count down to the last application day, we'll be sharing their thoughts on entrepreneurship with you right here.

This time we have our very own Kristina Lindhe.  She founded Lexington Company in 1997 and built it into a global, award-winning lifestyle brand. She has been nominated to and won many design and entrepreneurship awards throughout her career. She has received multiple awards such as “Årets Förebildsentreprenör,” which roughly translates to Entrepreneur Role Model of the Year, as well as the “Swedish Royal Patriotic Society Business Medal.” She has also been named one of Sweden’s most prominent entrepreneurs multiple times and is part of Prince Daniel's Fellowship.

How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve always been determined, and I never doubted that it would be possible to build an international brand. When I founded Lexington, I knew our vision and concept were unique. We combined our love for light, which is very Scandinavian, with the New England lifestyle. It was a combination that wasn’t well represented in the interior design world at the time. We also offer four different home collections year which made us stand out from other brands. But a unique concept and vision can’t take you very far without focus. To get to where I am today with Lexington it was important for me to stay focused, consistent and honest about everything (from the quality of the products to what we communicate). I’ve also always been the type to prefer doing everything 100% perfect but try to be happy with 95% - which usually can take you far enough. However, I do struggle a bit with being content with 95%. Another important trait that will take anyone farther is to not just talk about what you’ll do - you have to act. To-do lists are a great way to make things happen for yourself.

How important do you find support at the early stage of entrepreneurship to be?

I find it to be very important. It’s something every entrepreneur should have. That’s why we’re passionate about the Kristina Lindhe Mentorship.

What is the most important lesson you have learned during your career?

Stay focused on your concept and faithful to your brand. And don’t be scared to add new and interesting pieces without losing your uniqueness.