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Lexington Sleep Series

At Lexington Company, the bedroom has always been important to us and naturally sleep as well. As sleep expert Helena Kubicek Boye noted in her book “Konsten att sova,” we’re sleeping less and spending more time working or socializing. That’s something we would like to change with this series starring our founder Kristina Lindhe.

In this episode of our sleep series, you’ll learn about the importance of fabric in our sleep. Kristina Lindhe tells us how bedding affects our sleep and shares her favorite bedding. To learn more about beddings check out this helpful guide on how to find the perfect bedding for you.

Want to be part of the change? Make a difference by sharing your tips with other sleepless souls in the comment section on our social media. If this is the first episode you’re watching, head to our stories to check out the previous episodes Beauty SleepBedside Manners and The Heavenly Bedroom. And if you're curious about our sleeping habits, check out our sleep study.

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