So, you’ve decided to indulge in a timeless silk piece and want to keep your investment relevant beyond seasons?  Let’s talk about how you can care for the items that’ll always enhance your mood and your look.  


Silk is delicate and can be a little scary to handle yourself, but if you remember these basics you might start going by the alias silk whisperer.

  • First, check the care label on your product. It will tell you the best way to care for that specific item. Keep in mind that all silk items aren’t created equally and require different kinds of approach.
  • Always test the colorfastness of your garment before washing. Wet an inconspicuous area of the item, like the inside hem, to check if the garment bleeds. If it does, it’s best to send your garment to the cleaners because they’ll most likely fade when treated at home compared to dry cleaning.
  • Never use chlorine bleach because it will damage the fiber.
  • Don’t hang your silk clothing in direct sunlight for too long. The colors will fade or change.
  • Avoid exposing your silk items to alcohol-based products like perfumes and hairspray.
  • Don’t tumble dry because the high temperature will shrink the fabric.
  • Use mild detergent, preferably one that is specifically designed for silk.
  • Hang your silk garments on hangers with padding so they don’t slide off.
  • For long-term storage, remember to wash your clothes before putting them away. Keep them in breathable plastic bag and use a moth repellent.


Your silk garments require delicate and individual care. Just like hair, the fibers in your silk garment need gentle shampoos. Fill a basin or sink with cool/cold water and then add the detergent. The low temperature of the water will preserve the color of your garment. Place the garment in the water, stir and let it soak for 3 minutes. Plunge the garment up and down to remove dirt. Don’t rub your silk as it will agitate the fibers. Drain the basin/sink and rinse the garment under cool/cold water. Soak up excess water with a towel. Wash each silk item separately. 


Before throwing your silk garment in the washer, check the label. If your garment can be washed in a machine, use the recommended program/temperature or choose a delicate program with the shortest spin cycle. The delicate program uses cool water and is usually used, as the name suggests, to wash delicate items.


Remove excess water by placing the garment on a towel. Fold the towel over and gently blot before you let your silk garment drip, drip, drip. Hang the garment over a tub using a padded hanger and let it drip dry. Never hang your silk in direct sunlight as it will fade the color of the garment.


Skip spot treating a stain and wash the garment instead.


Steaming your silk can be a great way to get rid of wrinkles fast, but it can get a little tricky because some steamers drip and leave water stains. If that happens, wet the garment with cold water and let it dry. The stain should disappear. If you want to play it safe and iron your silk items, turn them inside out and use a low setting.


Static cling is the killer of an effortless look. It ruins the joy of wearing a beautiful silk shirt, but rest assured it has nothing to do with the quality of your newly bought silk item. Static cling is the product of friction between two different materials in a dry environment. You’re more likely to notice it in drier regions, during the winter months because there is less moisture in the air. Thankfully, you can kick the cling to the curb because it's both preventable and reversible.

To avoid static cling, we suggest you spray your silk clothes with linen spray on the inside. It won't stain your beautiful silk and it will keep the cling at bay.

Another trick to avoid static cling is to add moisture. Moisture and static cling aren't besties. We recommend that you moisturize your body well, but avoid getting greasy. Put on lotion that your skin will absorb and won't make your skin greasy or stain your favorite silk blouse.

If your favorite silk item is already clingy, you can neutralize the charged ions that are causing static cling. Grab a regular wire hanger and gently glide it against the fabric. If you hear a soft crackling noise, it means science worked as it should.

Follow these tips, and your silk garments will forever keep transforming you into a luxe version of yourself.