A Recipe for a Tasteful Table Setting

Dinner Tips

Are you hosting your first gathering of the season? The recipe for a tasteful table setting requires few ingredients, the most important one being your friends and family. Put your worries aside because the following table setting recipe will set the scene to create new unforgettable memories.


(Serves 6 - 8 people)
1 tablecloth or runner
6 - 8 napkins (different napkins add character)
6 - 8 placemats
6-8 flatware to go with the menu
6-8 rustic dinnerware
6-8 mix of glasses
6-8 coasters
Candles and your favorite fresh flowers

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Frame your masterpiece
Go with a tablecloth that’ll match the delicious meals you labored over.

Mix and match
Scrap paper napkins and opt for real napkins in a different pattern and color than your placemat and tablecloth.

Rule of thumb
Use the upper half of your thumb as a measurement when placing them from the end of the table. Then place the glasses and flatware accordingly and in line with each other. Another handy trick is to hold your hands up, touch the tip of your left-hand forefinger with the tip of your left-hand thumb to make a lowercase ‘b.’ Do the same with the tip of your right-hand forefinger and thumb to make a lowercase ‘d.’ This trick reminds you that “bread and butter” go to the left and “drinks” to the right.

Details with a sprinkle of festive spirit
If you're the daring type, your napkins don't have to match in pattern or color. Unique napkins for every guest that match their personality coupled with customized name cards are the artifacts you need to spread joy and make your table personal.

Utensils 101
When setting the table, don't place utensils you won't be using. No salad, no salad fork. Do, however, place the flatware in the order of use, from the outside in. Forks go to the left of the plate and napkins to the left of them. Knives (blades facing the plate) and spoons go to the right. A glass for your beverage always goes above the knife.

Greens everywhere
Add a sprig of seasonal foliage to complete the look. Set them in water bottles, on the plates, and in pots on the table.
Herbs are perfect for decoration and if guests want to add some flavor to their food or drinks. Choose herbs or greens that aren’t known to many. They function as conversation starters adding an educational flair to your dinner.

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Avoid big centerpieces
An elaborate centerpiece can sometimes come off as too showy. It can even ruin a pleasant dinner because it gets in the way of your guests sitting across from each other. So keep the big decorations off the table.

Make it easy for yourself
Someone wants another beer again? Spare yourself the trouble of a run to the kitchen. Place the beverages in baskets close to the table (a bag with ice in the bottom keeps them cold). When in the kitchen, save your outfit from stains with a nice apron. Our aprons have pockets that may function as extra hands.

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Make your guests comfortable
We all know how a hard chair or a chilly breeze can ruin a dining experience. Adding soft cushions for back support and cozy throws and blankets on each chair will guarantee you a hostess of the year award.

Lots of candles for the ambiance
Most of us remember to put candles on the dining table. But don't forget larger lanterns standing on the floor, hanging from the trees, or on the railings.

Good luck!