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  •  Launching Lexington Hamptonite Collection

Launching Lexington Hamptonite Collection

As you may recall, we opened our first American store in East Hampton in Spring 2012. We enjoyed a warm welcome from so many customers that we felt more like old neighbors than new arrivals. We were struck by the community’s passionate interest in the arts and determination to preserve the small-town feel of the Hamptons. We knew we wanted to create a project which reflected the East End lifestyle and which would give back to the area, and we selected Guild Hall Center for Visual and Performing Arts in East Hampton.

Guild Hall

Guild Hall is both one of the oldest institutions in the Hamptons and a premier theater and museum offering classes, film screenings, dance performances, classic theater, art exhibits, and musical evenings. It is an invaluable part of the East End and harkens back to the historic New England meeting hall. Lexington’s core values are tradition and community, so Guild Hall was a perfect match for us.

Hamptonite Collection

The collection is inspired by the lovely Hilaria Baldwin, whose husband is President of Guild Hall Board of Trustees. Hilaria is a longtime Hamptonite and dedicates her time to generously supporting local nonprofits that preserve the community’s artistic traditions and cultural life. The collection reflects the casual fun of the summer months out in the Hamptons, from picnicking on the beach to cocktail parties at sunset.

We hope you enjoy the Hamptonite collection as much as Hilaria and I enjoyed creating it. We look forward to a wonderful summer season of casual entertaining with our old and new friends.

Kristina Lindhe
Lexington Creative Director

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