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  • A Seasonal Table Setting
  • A Seasonal Table Setting

A Seasonal Table Setting

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"If you want to see me content and happy, you should visit me while I’m setting the table for a family feast.

The anticipation in knowing that friends and family soon will surround me, and the joy in letting my creativity flow – it always makes me smile! And what could be more creative than table setting? To mix textiles and tableware, patterns and tones, and frame it with scents and colors from nature’s seasonal treasures, is just as inventive as making a painting. And the best thing of all – it is a painting that you can live in!

This fall we have created a collection inspired by the colorful fall harvest. I hope you like it! And that you’ll have a fall filled with joyous dinner parties ahead of you!"

/ Kristina Lindhe
Creative Director and Founder
Lexington Company

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