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An Interior Designers touch

We invited interior designer Jody Fierz to lay her styling touch on our summer home collection and celebrated it with an inspiring event in our store in Greenwich.

We seized the opportunity and talked to Jody about design, styling and her best tips.

What first inspired you to be an interior designer?

– I was inspired to be an Interior Designer as a teenager. I always had an admiration for textures and colors so I took a drafting class in school and loved it. I knew from that point I wanted to do this for a living. When I initially went to college Interior Design wasn't as big as it is today so I studied fashion. After I got my degree my Dad wanted to me to continue my education in Marketing so I did. After working for Conde Nast Publications for a few years and seeing incredible publications I decided to go back to school to pursue my dream at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. At graduation my Dad cried because I graduated second in my class and he felt guilty having me study Marketing when this was my passion. I don't regret anything. I believe all of my education and experience has led to me to success.

Describe a normal work day for you (is there such a thing?)

– Theirs nothing normal in this field. A normal work day for me starts at 8 AM and doesn't end until 8:00 PM (sometimes later). Many of my clients are individuals who are building or just purchased their first home. It's such an honor to be given this task so it has to be done perfectly...No exceptions. Some weeks I work 5 days a week, others 7. It all depends on the schedules and deadlines that need to be met.

What inspires you in your day to day life?

– Color. I love spring and summer because so many colors can be found. It reminds me to appreciate life and nature. Did you ever look closely at flower and see how many colors you can truly find? Nature is the master in teaching you color theory. It also plays such an important role in everyones mood.

What’s most challenging in your work as an interior designer?

– As an interior designer you wear many hats. If one thing goes wrong it's on you so I have a tendency to obsess about the little things. I try my best not to let the little things bother me but the outcome of my work is very important and needs to be perfect.

How would you describe your interior style?

– Personally my style is very eclectic. I love when a client wants to mix styles and texture in a room. They're so many periods of Architecture when incredible furniture was created. I don't just look at items as they are presented I pay attention to the craftsmanship and intricate details it took to make them.

Tell us about your view for styling our summer collection…

– Color is always an inspiration and Lexington had so much to choose from. My concept was to create a scene as though you were away on a summer retreat. That was easy to accomplish with the variation of bright colors and beautiful patterns found at the Lexington Store.

Which are your three favorite items from Lexington?

– That's easy...Love the Printed Sateen Red Duvet! The scented candles are to die for! And the pattern on the tie dye Salma dress is gorgeous.

What are your top 3 interior styling tips?

1. – Don't be afraid to add color to a room, that's what makes a room stunning. Many people use earth tones because they feel its safe. Take a chance and be bold. Color will bring attention to the room you're creating.

2. – Mix patterns. Don't just use one pattern in a room use two to three patterns to keep interest in the room. Go to the Lexington Store and pull various patterns together until you get the look you want to achieve. Ask for guidance, the sales staff are great and can help you achieve the goal you're looking for.

3. – Continue using your choice of color though out the room. Whether its real flowers (try to avoid using fake), decorative pillows on a chair or accent decorative pieces (vase, candles, picture frames). The key is to keep the eye moving in the space. It'll create balance and interest.

Jodys Favorites

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