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Lexington towels are produced in 100% terry cotton which give that soft and luxurious feel you long for after a soothing bath or a refreshing shower. The wide range of colors – from gentle aqua and classic navy to soft pink and trendy coral – makes it easy to find your favorite color for decorating your bathroom.

The range includes three styles:
The Original Towel is a plain classic style towel available in a wide color palette with a total of 18 colors.
The American Towel is ribbed and comes in five classic colors – white, red, navy, sand and brown.The New Authentic Towel is a classic block stripe towel. These are available in eleven colors from charcoal and olive to light blue and beige. All colors are combined with crispy white for a fresh look. The Original Towel as well as the American Towel are available in four different sizes whereas the New Authentic Towel comes in three sizes.